Oh, Please

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Every time the Feds mount another false-flag operation-sorry, every time another tragedy like the Boston Marathon Massacre hits, the corporate media solemnly assures us that mayhem and murder are “the price we pay to live in a free society.” Balderdash. Mayhem and murder are the State’s hallmarks; the freer a society is, the less of both there will be. Imagine America without her ruling socipaths: no wars overseas or at home; incredibly little poverty absent the Fed’s inflation, professional licensing to create unemployment, and taxation; virtually no crime since the well-regulated  militia would defend itself from all criminals, free-lance or official.

Meanwhile, the latest of the media’s morons to blame Boston’s horror on liberty rather than Leviathan is Tom “The Babbler” Brokaw. First, The Babbler calls the police-state currently tyrannizing Americans an “open society.” If warrantless wiretapping, waterboarding and other torture, NDAA, gate-rape, secret No-Fly Lists, and the NSA are The Babbler’s idea of “openness,” well, spare me from what he considers tyranny (actually, we all know how he defines “tyranny”: these same evils when practiced by other countries’ politicians and bureaucrats on their hapless serfs — usually financed with Uncle Sam’s “foreign aid”). Second, at best, the State apparently knew an attack was likely and did not prevent it, despite the overwhelming resources at its command; at worst, it actively participated in it.

No matter: The Babbler instructs us all to “accept” more gropings, harassment, and surveillance from these inept, malicious bozos.  Is it me, or is the propaganda becoming more ham-fisted?

12:10 pm on April 16, 2013