Oh, Make Me Retch

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Thank God I was too busy to eat lunch today, or I might have hurled: I just heard a clip of Pillary Clinton, She of the Droning Monotone, delivering a eulogy at Frank “I’m A Commie and Smugly Proud of It” Lautenberg’s funeral. The antique senator from New Jersey finally departed for the afterlife this past Monday as taxpayers nationwide rejoiced.

Frankie’s best known for compelling passengers on planes he neither owned nor flew to forego their cigarettes. Though his New-Deal mentors obsessed over such lofty and sweeping changes as turning free men into wards of the State. Frankie contented himself with fussing over personal habits — a petty old crank and busybody sticking his nose into everyone else’s business.

At any rate, what caught my attention was Pillary’s enthusiasm for this cretin: her voice actually inflected a few times during her remarks. Dang if she didn’t sound almost human. Imagine being so utterly despotic that you excite Herself to emotion. Wonder whether Slick Willie’s jealous.

3:39 pm on June 5, 2013