Oh Canada, where smokers get a break

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I went to Ottawa with my wife over the weekend and we bumped into a a small rally for the legalization of pot there (we later found out that it was the Global Marijuana March). The march was peaceful and really nothing special…except for a “small” detail. There cops seemed to be perfectly ok with this. They even followed (escorted?) the group to a park close to Parliament Hill. Can you imagine this happening in the United States? I would expect to see the local and heavily militarized police department converge on these pot-smoking monsters with helicopters and tanks and putting them in the darkest of jails for their own good. They would probably not hesitate to pull the trigger at the slightest resistance.

Totalitarianism need not evoke images of faraway lands and funny looking dictators dressed in army uniforms. It has arrived.

10:08 am on May 7, 2007