OffNow Pinch-Hitting for the EPA

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The heroes at the Tenth Amendment Center are at it again. They’ve allied with several other organizations such as, Bill of Rights Defense Committee and RevolutionTruth to create OffNow, a coalition that hopes to nullify the NSA’s spying on us. How? By denying it such resources as power to run the supercomputers and water to cool them. Watch OffNow’s 60-second ad explaining that Utah need not supply the 1.7 million gallons per day the NSA’s new center there requires, that nothing in the Constitution forces Utah’s taxpayers “to help the Feds violate your rights.”

Meanwhile, the EPA remains silent while the NSA’s gargantuan demand for electricity spews tons of pollutants into our air. And no protest from the enviro-dictators, either, regarding the wasted oceans in H2O-challenged Utah. All so the NSA’s voracious busybodies can foil not a single terrorist plot. Seems the spooks are as ineffective as the thugs at the TSA when it comes to the War on Terror — but every bit as effective in the War on the Constitution.

Given the blind eye the EPA is turning on the NSA, then, it’s even better that OffNow has stepped up to the plate. Indeed, it kinda makes you wonder why we have an EPA, doesn’t it? Oh, wait, now I remember: to compel serfs to buy light bulbs they dislike and “save enough energy to light 3 million homes for a year.” Psssst, bureaucrats: contribute to OffNow’s campaign and save a heck of a lot more than that…

9:08 am on October 21, 2013