Official Ron Paul Blog With… Dan McCarthy!

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The Ron Paul campaign has hired our own Dan McCarthy to work full-time on a new official blog as their Grassroots Communications Coordinator.

I can vouch for what an excellent choice this is. Not only have I seen how astute Dan is as a political commentator, as all LRC readers have, but I also got to see his excellent organizational skills when I went to school with him at Washington University in St. Louis (I wrote about the amazing scene at Wash U that owed so much to Dan).

One more thing you may not know about Dan. He is deeply knowledgeable in libertarian and Old Right political thought and history as well as the history of the mainstream “conservative” movement, (e.g., see his summoning up of Felix Morley in his response to the Washington Post’s attack on Ron Paul). He would be a top candidate in my mind to write a sequel to Murray Rothbard’s Betrayal of the American Right. In fact, in light of the Ron Paul Revolution, I have a title suggestion: The Return of the Old Right.

10:44 pm on January 11, 2008