Ode To The Working Man

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My thanks and admiration for the good work of the young man who loaded my truck this morning at Southern States.

“I’m working three jobs,” he said, “and I’m studying HVAC at Lord Fairfax Junior College” (a very good school, I’ve been pleased to learn, right here in the Shenandoah Valley. Our colleague Dr. Karen Kwiatowski teaches there too). This young man has plans, energy, and vision.

I salute this working man — his integrity, vigor, and single-minded, friendly hard labor — and thank him for working today and paying taxes so that tens of millions of government workers can all enjoy a paid holiday.

When he graduates and owns his own HVAC firm, they will be harassing him, of course, with paperwork and site visits and EPA drivel and safety rules and penalties, penalties, penalties. But today he works so that they may have their day of rest.

Perhaps, someday, they will be grateful.

11:50 am on September 3, 2012