‘October Surprise’ Disinformation

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Mainstream media disinformation flacks are out in force trying to pooh-pooh the notion of an “October Surprise” before the November 6 General Election. The comic antics of buffoons Donald Trump or Gloria Allred are singled out for ridicule, thus proving that all previous “October Surprise” stories are equally spurious and far-fetched. But this is not the case. Award-winning investigative journalist Robert Parry is the authoritative expert on this specific subject, having written numerous articles and several books on the topic. His latest piece, “The October Surprise Mysteries,” is an excellent summary article which I commend to all LRC readers. It should be followed by his earlier New ‘October Surprise’ Series, and these previous articles at his Consortiumnews.com website.

1:40 pm on October 28, 2012