Obummer Spurns Socialism

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Earlier this week, on his “three-day economic bus tour of the Midwest,” Dear Leader announced that forcing us to buy medical insurance shouldn’t be “controversial.” Why not? “…look, everybody here at some point or another is going to need medical care and you can’t be a free rider on everybody else. You can’t not have health insurance then go to the emergency room and each of us, who have done the responsible thing and have health insurance, suddenly we have to pay the premiums for you. That’s not fair.”

It isn’t? But compelling “each of us, who have done the responsible thing” to pay for everyone else is the first and foremost activity of American governments at all levels.

I look forward to Obummer’s denunciation of Social Security, food stamps, subsidies to the unemployed, public schools and libraries, Medicare and Medicaid, the construction of stadiums for professional sports and so very much more as “not fair.” Then there’s his own personal leeching: after all, “each of us, who have done the responsible thing … have to pay for” this insufferable hypocrite and his family.

6:43 am on August 19, 2011