Obama’s Pig Trough

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DC law firm Paul, Hastings is putting on an “Executive Telecom Briefing” on “Telecom & Photonics Opportunities In The Obama Stimulus Plan“.

The brochure falsely says that: “The Obama Stimulus Package includes approximately $800 billion in new investment designed to boost the U.S. economy over the next 24 months.” It’s designed to make the depression worse, is what it’s designed to do! It goes on: “More than $30 billion will be specifically directed at Telecommunications, Photonics, and Information Technologies (TPIT). Another $30 billion will be spent on related activities that could directly and indirectly give a further boost to TPIT. Are you ready to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity?

To assist you in coming to grips with, and understanding, this opportunity, Information Gatekeepers Inc (IGI), in cooperation with the Paul Hastings LLP and Information Age Economics (IAE), is planning a series of telecommunications and photonics executive briefings.

There are several lively topics, including “Green Photonics,” “Overview of the Political Environment Under the Obama Administration,” and my favorite, “How to Proceed to Get Your Share of the Stimulus Money.” The ad gushes that the following “should be interested”: “Equipment suppliers; Service suppliers; Systems integrators; Contractors and Sub-contractors; Consultants; Lawyers.”

I can’t help but imagine the sound of hog-callers going SOO-WEE! SOOOO-WEEEEEEE!! calling pigs to the trough.Update: Yet another one: The Stimulus and Beyond: Navigating the Brave New World (HT Stephen Fairfax)

1:35 pm on April 8, 2009