Obama’s ‘Breaking News’

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It would have been interesting to have eaves-dropped on the Oval Office the other day. I suspect the conversations might have gone something like this: “The god-king is in serious trouble. In the West Virginia Democratic primary an inmate at a federal penitentiary got 40% of the presidential vote! What is to be done?” “Does anyone have a DVD copy of Wag the Dog that we can watch?” “I don’t think that would work: We had the arrest of the attempted suicide bomber on a flight to the U.S., but those damned Internet people blew the whistle on us; showing that it was an inside job by the guys over at the CIA.” “Hillary, how are your efforts going to shut down the Internet?” “That West Virginia primary vote is terrible! West Virginia has long been a Democratic party stronghold. If a federal convict can make that kind of challenge to the president, . . .” “Hey, that’s a thought! Fearless Leader needs to do something to rekindle the support of liberals. What if he were to come out in support of gay marriage?” “Yeah, but that will cost us a lot of black votes.”  “But that’s the question: Will black voters continue to support F.L. because he’s black — in other words, will we lose fewer black voters than we will pick up more liberal voters?” “Well, let’s try it and see. Biden stuck his toe in the water for us on the topic, and there were no immediate cries for impeachment.” “By the way, does any one know if there are any more penitentiary inmates, homeless people, or other such candidates entered in any of the remaining primaries?”

I have never understood why any person would insist upon wanting to have his or her relationships defined and certified by the state. Neither do I understand why any decent soul would get riled up over the choices others make concerning who they wish to live with as a lifelong commitment. Bill Anderson beat me to the point, but it is worth repeating that allowing the state to define who can/cannot marry produced not only anti-miscegenation laws, but the criminalization of homosexuality. Does no one have a sense of history that would distrust turning the choice of  our most personal relationships over to the state for its approval?

2:05 pm on May 10, 2012