Obama/Hillary in a nutshell

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Note to liberals: She has more experience; he’s slightly to the left, but not much difference on policy really. A tossup.

She has a better chance against McCain though many are in denial on this including right-wing Hillary haters and left-wing Obama lovers.

The race is a statistical dead heat and anyone who thinks otherwise hasn’t studied the numbers carefully.

Obama is ahead in delegates because the delegate selection rules are arbitrary and stupid. E.g., O got more delegates in at least two states where H got more votes!

The nomination will be decided by the super delegates and there is no compelling legal, logical, political or moral reason why they should vote for Obama.

From their own perspective, they should vote for Hillary because she has the better chance in November.

Note to libertarians who favor Obama. Personally, I see little difference on foreign policy and expect none in practice. In any event, Obama is slightly worse in domestic policy. Since I believe in a holistic analysis of policy–all sectors of policy tend to reinforce statism, it’s a wash. (That is, presidents tend to logroll away their libertarian tendencies to get more statism where they want it.)

Hillary is less likely to serve two terms since she lacks O’s Pied Piper-like hypnotic ability and Teflon suit.

8:56 pm on May 15, 2008