Obama Wants To Emulate Teddy Roosevelt and Calls for a ‘New Progressivism’

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As the U.S. economy continues to implode, Barack Obama apparently is not satisfied with its rate of decline and wants to finish off what is left of our economic and civil liberties by calling for a “New Progressive Era” and emulate Teddy Roosevelt in the process. Now, I find it interesting that Obama wants to imitate the people who gave us Jim Crow laws and the horror of Eugenics, but that is how things work in modern Amerika, I guess.

Although he claims to be promoting the “middle class,” most of Obama’s “reforms,” especially in the area of environmentalism, favor the very wealthy, and specifically the Trust Fund wealthy people who are most likely to be the major funders of environmental organizations and foundations. Perhaps Obama will explain why his administration is trying to destroy major portions of the nation’s capacity to produce electricity, which will create blackouts, brownouts, and significantly raise electricity prices. Or maybe he will explain why he is promoting inflation as an “economic recovery tool,” especially given that inflation makes life harder for the middle-class and the poor.

9:10 am on December 6, 2011