obama Undermining Norms of Western Civilization

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Following the lead of presidents who preceded him, obama has been busy undermining fundamental norms of Western civilization. I provide one major example. Western civilization has a norm of reason, not violence. One implication is that matters of justice are argued in courts. They are not settled by ordeals of strength, appeal to entrails, soothsayers or witchfinder generals. obama flouted this norm when he issued an executive order in March of 2011 that continued and, in fact, solidified the practice of indefinite detention for certain prisoners held at Guantanamo. These prisoners should have been charged and tried years ago. Their cases should have been argued in court. They should have had the opportunity to face their accusers, hear the accusations against them, gather evidence, call witnesses and defend themselves. In not doing this, bush and obama have substituted violence for reason.

1:43 pm on October 11, 2013