Obama the War Criminal

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In case any of you readers think I only trash Conservative hypocrites, here’s a nice case of the Left conveniently ignoring torture and false imprisonment by the US as long as their guy is doing it:

…US District Judge Colleen Kottar-Kelly just ordered the release (don’t get excited, it’s not going to happen unless the Justice Department decides not to appeal) of Fouad al-Rubiah, one of the prisoners at Guantanamo…

…we took a middle aged aircraft engineer who flew to Afghanistan for charitable purposes a short while before 9/11, cobbled together some insane story out of interrogations from unreliable informants, and tortured him into confessing to it.

…In case anyone was wondering, the hearing that Judge Kottar-Kelly is referring to in the opinion, in which the Justice Department took those irresponsible and indefensible positions, took place in August ’09. On Obama’s watch.

Where’s the Left-wing outrage? Of course there no right-wing outrage because Conservatives love the torture state, but Obama could do stuff like this every hour on the hour until 2012 and I guarantee you that the Leftists will turn out in droves to re-elect the “anti-war” Obama in 2012.

[Thanks to Brad Delong’s blog]

11:48 pm on September 28, 2009