Obama The Peaceful Progressive

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Months ago I imagined what an enlightened and progressive Obama administration would do. Though it’s still a bit early (not that I am giving him much of a chance), we have an idea of what his presidency will be like. Thus, I’m taking the liberty to review my initial “predictions.” New comments in brackets.

  • End the wars of military conquest [Fail]

  • End the war on drugs [CA drug raids: Fail]
  • Eliminate the nuclear arsenal [Smoke and mirrors from Hillary: Fail]
  • End the Wall Street corporatist machine and its plutocracy [Even more Krugmanian Keynesianistic state-corporatism: Fail]
  • Abolish the PATRIOT Act [Fail]
  • Close Guantanamo [A mixed bag; Guantanamo is more of a symptom than a disease.]
  • End executive privileges and executive orders [Rooseveltian Lincolnism: Fail]
  • Cuddle with baby seals [Can’t confirm or deny]; and last, but not least
  • Solemnly swear to uphold the constitution (and uphold it) [Epic fail]

One of these days/years/decades/centuries democracy will work. Let’s keep trying.

9:25 am on April 1, 2009