Obama the Magnificent

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Chris: Although I remain convinced of the futility of trying to end politics by political means, I think matters are becoming so desperate for so many people that 2012 will produce a third party, attractive to both “left” and “right” dissidents. The GOPers who speak of the “impracticality” of third parties should recall that their party began as a third party. Besides, we will be told, how can we forego the opportunity for a real change as will be represented in a Gingrich/Giuliani ticket?

Nor can we expect the Sun King to await fate’s fickle finger. The world’s largest reserve of oil — far greater than the combined volume of the rest of the world’s sources — will be discovered beneath Antarctica. Obama will then announce that penguin terrorists plan to use this oil to fund their efforts to destroy us. “They hate us for what we have” — i.e., central heating — we will be told, and a new endless war will be upon us! “If we don’t fight them in Antarctica, we will have to fight them at our local zoos,” the emperor will intone. The refrains will be echoed in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, and other purveyors of “truth.”

9:38 am on May 19, 2011