Obama Should be Impeached Over Syria

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In a just world or a world in which a single member of Congress had any guts, Obama would be impeached and removed over his illegal war against Syria. With no declaration of war or connection to 9/11, this is an illegal and thus criminal war. Also, the expenditure of funds on the war are also illegal and criminal. Starting a war invites retaliation as George Washington taught us. Any Americans killed in retaliation for the illegal war are Obama’s responsibility.

I am no expert on foreign policy but I take for granted what the critics have said. This is a war on behalf of unknowns for obscure or unknown purposes whose end game is unknown and unknowable.

Okay, so Obama’s criminal burglary of all our phone records was at least rationalized by an illegal secret “court” order by Judge Vinson (who also be should be impeached or forced by public pressure to resign). However, there is no fig leaf of mendacious legality to cover up Obama’s Syrian war crime.

Impeach this dangerous clown now.

7:32 pm on June 17, 2013