Obama Revives a Tradition

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I don’t know why so many people are getting agitated over the Obama administration’s acknowledged use of a “secret panel” to order the killing of Americans without any judicial due process. The practice is an old American tradition, one particularly resorted to in times of such economic downturns as the Great Depression of the 1930s. Like the Obama reinstitution, the earlier model operated in secret and without any legislative authority or judicial supervision. The members of such agencies were not made public, nor were the criteria by which victims were chosen for assassination identified. Presumably, the current panel will attract the same kind of “socially responsibly” members as did its predecessor: prior to his appointment to the United States Supreme Court by FDR, Hugo Black had been a member of this organization.

Like their earlier counterparts, members of the secret Obama death panel will take all necessary steps to hide their identities.  Operating under the National Security Council will provide them with many means of concealment. For added  precaution – and to reinforce the sense of tradition upon which this new agency rests – they might want to consider using the tool of secrecy employed in past generations: bedsheets to cover their bodies, and with eye-holes in their percaled hoods to allow them to see!

President Obama will now be able to boast that, in addition to being the nation’s first black president, he has restored an old American tradition for dealing with “undesirables.” At long last, “equality” has come full circle!

8:01 pm on October 7, 2011