Obama Peddling Keynesian Nostrums

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Obama is traveling this way. The comments of Western New Yorkers on the Channel 4 report of this are lopsidedly negative. (As in many other states, there’s significant anti-downstate and separation sentiment.)

Someone needs to tell Obama that spending money on roads and bridges won’t create economic growth. Japan has tried that and failed. Investing in manufacturing won’t help, not if it’s government investment. Helping homeowners is another item he calls for. In 2008-2009, before the FED’s inflation cut in, homes were much more affordable than today. Why doesn’t he advise the FED to stop buying mortgage paper?

The Executive is as hopeless on domestic issues as it is on foreign policy issues. Ditto Congress. Ditto the Supreme Court. Ditto the U.S. government. The do-do bird couldn’t fly, and neither does the government (as in an idea that doesn’t fly). The do-do is extinct and that’s where the government is headed.

12:52 pm on August 13, 2013