Obama Obeseonomics

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The Obamas have been obsessed with what your kids are eating …. or not eating, and Michelle Obama has made it her personal mission to federalize your child’s eating habits under the guise of fighting obesity. Of course, the government’s agenda for food is political, and it is driven by the most wealthy and powerful corporate interests that drop the most coins in the assorted bureaucratic tills. Over the last three decades, as the government and its tag-along special interests have ramped up their “war” on fat and fatness, the population has become increasingly more obese and unhealthy while they sustain their shoddy quality of life entrenched in a perpetual pharmaceutical coma, thanks to a multitude of government programs and policies that keep people in the grip of the pharmaceutical-medical-governmental complex for a lifetime. “Gotta have my pills” is more American than any Chevy, baseball game, or apple pie.

The Messiah just signed the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, a $4.5 billion bill that gives the federal government the power to lay down the rules for meals served in its federal schools. The Obamas have stated that it is their job, and the job of government planners, to feed the children of financially capable adults whose priorities are turned upside down. Oh, but she doesn’t quite say it that way. In a video posted by Judge Napolitano, Michelle Obama, when talking about feeding children via a centrally-planned system, exclaims that “we just can’t leave it up to the parents.”

According to the government’s own statistics, more than 31 million children participate in the National School Lunch Program and more than 11 million in the School Breakfast Program. The next logical step, for those who are on the path to the Ten Easy Steps to Totalitarianism, is to control what makes up those meals. On that note, I took a look at a “before and after” school menu as posted on the Huffington Post. The overriding philosophy is the usual — lowfat this, lowfat that, lowfat everyting. Remember the joke about the definition of insanity (which I believe is wrongly attributed to Albert Einstein): “Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results.”

The “after” school lunch menu includes lowfat cheese, lowfat ranch dressing, lowfat mayonnaise, lowfat salad dressings, skim milk, and amazingly “healthy” items such as whole wheat pizza (as opposed to just pizza). And the new menu includes soft pretzels — but they are whole wheat soft pretzels. Remind me again how long Americans have been getting fat and sick on “whole wheat” breads …. (as opposed to the old-fashioned, behind-the-times breads). Of course, that nutritionally-deficient spaghetti with “whole wheat” rolls is so much more preferable than nutritionally deficient spaghetti with the regular, old non-whole wheat rolls. The gist of my argument here is that the war on healthy, necessary fat — yes, saturated fat — in favor of nutrient-lacking, inflammatory carbs, is taking on a whole new form as the government now gets to control what gets onto the lunch trays of millions of kids who have parents that refuse to take responsibility for their child’s meals.

See the Judge on this dictatorial charade.

6:14 am on December 15, 2010