Obama, Notre Dame, and — Iraq???

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Michael Novak, AEI scholar (and my boss there 30 years ago) and George Bush fan, takes on Obama’s upcoming trip to Notre Dame quite cogently — and then somehow meanders off into Bush’s “victory” in Iraq, which Obama — now apparently “briefed” – embraces!

The logic is dizzying. Apparently, the neocons will hang their tawdry tale of victory on any kite that goes by. You ask these guys for a cheesecake recipe and they’ll sing the praises of Bush’s Iraq invasion – which destroyed not only Iraq, but the GOP, a good piece of the pro-life movement, and the conservative alliance.

Well, Ron Paul was absolutely right: the neocons ditched Bush like used Kleenex, and are now cheering the wars of Obama, who in classic Washington fashion has apparently “grown” in office.

I’ve written about the fiasco at Notre Dame, where I grew up and went to school, here and here.

2:38 pm on April 9, 2009