“Obama is Unelectable”

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Now that we know that Obama will indeed be running against McCain, I am thinking about what John Dvorak said in passing once on TWiT. (Paraphrasing) “The next president will be a Republican, I’ve been saying that for months. Clinton and Obama are both unelectable.”

The only reason I pass this on is that as soon as I heard it, it sounded exactly right. Dvorak didn’t elaborate at the time (though see here) and I haven’t been able to find him explaining elsewhere what he meant. But just think about the American electorate… Not the one you wish for, but the one we’ve got. Now picture them picking a lefty professorial type over a “war hero”.

I’m not saying what I want to be true, just saying: “Brace yourself”.

10:38 pm on June 7, 2008