Obama is toast

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I have to agree with Lew on this. I’ve been long curious as to how exactly Obama was going to blow it. And the convention really made that clear.

Back when Obama gave daily speeches on how he opposed the war, I was mildly in favor. Now, the latest version of Obama is just as creepy as everyone else.

If the Dems can’t even win the White House in a year like this, why do they even bother?

Palin is such a brilliant choice because it potentially locks out the Dems for 12 years. McCain is such a walking cadaver, that it’s hard to imagine him running at age 76 after 4 years of a presidential schedule. Palin is young, interesting, and a woman. The Dems won’t have another chance at the White House until 2020.

4:16 pm on August 29, 2008