Obama in Boston

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Faux News has wasted spent a good deal of time this morning telling us of the burdens of a president who must travel from the site of one disaster to another (e.g., Tucson, Newtown, Boston, etc.) to “comfort” the afflicted residents.  It would be a mistake to assume that he does this primarily for personal aggrandizement or egoism. That four former governors and mayors of Boston are also attending offers a clue to the purposes.  And keep in mind that this practice was not invented by Obama: prior presidents, governors of various states, mayors, etc., have been doing this for decades. A tornado, earthquake, or flooding hits an area, and the state governor or city mayor is quickly up in the air flying over the damage, looking down from on high.  Empathizing with those who have suffered losses? Hardly. None of these political celebs show up to comfort the family of an isolated shooting victim – unless, of course, the killing has acquired national attention.

The purpose of political moguls making such appearances is, rather, to reinforce the vertically-structured model of society; that, like God looking down upon his people, the well-being of the commoners is being watched over by the superior beings whose role it is to plan for, direct, and console the underlings.  How else can the foundations of the pyramid be reinforced?

10:03 am on April 18, 2013