Obama Channels Wilson

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Wilson wouldn’t even pardon Debs, who did nothing.

Obama in some ways follows Wilson’s pattern of saying liberal things and then doing the very opposite.

After WW I ended, Wilson called for a huge (500,000 man) standing army and requested a big increase in the navy as well. He had gone over to the idea still being practiced by Obama that peace is made by a U.S. enforcement force, oblivious of the political ramifications that this entails and oblivious to one state being the moral judge, jury and executioner of all the other states. Nothing is more to be feared than a powerful body or government possessed of a moral fervor and belief that it can produce a better world by use of the sword. Whether it’s jihadists, Christian crusaders, Lenin, Hitler, Pol Pot, or in their own way the triumvirate of Clinton, Bush and Obama.

9:37 pm on September 17, 2013