Obama Channels Max Boot

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The neocons are quite comfortable, thank you, with the new administration, as predicted (hey, it was a slam dunk)



“In brief, as our obituaries will duly and persuasively conclude, they [the neocons] sank Bush.

And their lifeboats will be bobbing gaily in the November sun as the USS JFKII sails in to throw them all life preservers. A grateful left will welcome them back with open arms, prodigals returned from the pigsty, where all they could do was listen to bluegrass and hear those unbearable pests, their indispensable evangelical allies, rave about Mel Gibson.”

And now the news:

The U.S. “military” will offer foreigners a ‘fast track to citizenship.” Preferred? Those from corrupt countries, of course, who will be most likely vote for corrupt politicians that make them feel right at home.

8:19 pm on February 14, 2009