Obama Apostate Cenk Uygur Is Starting To Prefer Ron Paul Over Obamanable

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In my previous post, I posted a video of left-wing TV political commentator Cenk Uygur ripping into our current Warmonger-in-Chief. In the video below, Uygur is seriously considering that he would prefer Ron Paul as Peacemaker-in-Chief over the current “liberal” Warmonger-in-Chief O-bomb-a. Uygur also gives strong arguments as to why a left-wing person who may not agree with all of Ron Paul’s views should still like him for what Uygur believes are the most important positions that Ron Paul holds for left-wingers: ending the foreign wars, protecting civil liberties, and ending the war on drugs.

[Thanks to Zee Zee]

12:49 am on December 17, 2011