The Oak Island Mystery

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Writes Chris Condon:

Your website has featured a number of articles that suggest that peoples other than the Europeans may have discovered America before Columbus got here in 1492. Some scholars believe, however, that Europeans before Columbus may also have discovered the New World roughly a century before Columbus, but kept quiet about it.Just off the east coast of Nova Scotia, Canada is a small island called Oak Island. Around the time of the American Revolution, a few Canadian teenagers playing on Oak Island discovered a depression in the land. Further investigation showed a deep hole underneath the depression that was most probably not a natural formation but was deliberately dug by human beings, presumably to hide something very valuable underground. This hole has become known as the Oak Island Money Pit. Over the last 200 years or so, many people, including FDR, have made an effort to get to the bottom of the Money Pit and find out what is buried there. Unfortunately, the shaft was dug in such a sophisticated manner that even to this day no one has succeeded in getting to the bottom of it, although a bunch of people have lost their lives trying. Many have suspected that it might be some sort of treasure from pirate days, but the sophistication of the shaft is so great that it would seem to exclude pirates. After all, pirates are not known to be especially sophisticated. No PhD’s from MIT in their ranks. Drawing on circumstantial evidence on Oak Island and elsewhere, some have suggested that it might be the lost treasure of the Knights Templar. In 1307, King Philip the Fair of France cracked down on the Knights Templar. Philip the Fair’s crackdown was only partially successful. He succeeded in putting the Knights Templar out of business but he did not succeed in getting his hands on their treasure, which was spirited away just in time and never seen again. So what happened to it? There is circumstantial evidence on Oak Island and elsewhere that what is buried there might be the lost treasure of the Knights Templar. Of course, all this is speculation until somebody gets to the bottom of the Money Pit and settles the debate for good. Given the technology that we have in this time, however, my guess is that someone will eventually do it. When that happens, we will find out what is really there and then some history might have to be rewritten.

9:52 am on December 30, 2013