O Canada!

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My sympathies to our northern neighbors: Our former Ruler and war criminal George Bush will invade their country next week for an “appearance at an economic summit.” Which is sorta like Josef Mengele “appearing” at a “medical summit”: you might assume all legitimate doctors — or economists — would flee the room, and pronto. Then again, only Keynesians attend these communist convocations; real economists are too busy challenging the Fed and studying the virtues of freed markets.

But I digress. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, bless their naive hearts, have called on Canadian “authorities” to arrest War Criminal Bush during his sojourn there. As if said “authorities” could rise from their knees long enough to find their spines. Yo, Do-Gooders: politicians stick together, OK? It’s us against them. Expecting one government’s thugs to arrest those of another is like asking Bonnie to turn in Clyde.

Meanwhile, count on the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) to take umbrage on War Criminal’s behalf. This hatchery of elitism, global empire, and utter idolatry of the State has apparently dignified the craven Elliott Abrams as a “senior fellow for Middle Eastern studies.” From this absurd perch he defends torture, empire, and of course the War Criminal who popularized both. And how does he pull that off? He equates Bush with other torturers and criminals! Yes! He asks why our two Do-Gooders are concentrating on Bush when “Bashar al-Assad … Putin … Fidel … [and] Yasser Arafat…” are also running around loose.

Thank God morons like this comprise government. Otherwise, we might be in real trouble.

9:24 am on October 14, 2011