NYT’s Love Affair With Fascism Continues

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Generals could run companies so much better than CEOs, says Nicholas Kristof β€” and they’re so much cheaper!

Moreover, they care about their subordinates, unlike those entrepreneurs. Especially children! Why, they take wonderful care of the kiddies while their mommies and daddies are off to war! Their child care is “superb” β€” and cheap! And Wesley Clark might deign to run it all for us!

So let’s turn over the rest of our businesses to the government and let their sniper teams run them. After all, if they love children so much, won’t they love the rest of us too?

Leviathan, Inc., will soon go public. NYSE symbol: SWAT

UPDATE: Paul the Cab Driver sends along this hilarious depiction of Petraeus’s Pals as CEOs β€” complete with interns as collateral damage.

7:25 am on June 16, 2011