NY’s SAFE Act Imperils Yet Another Victim

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David Lewis is a librarian who lives in Amherst, New York, and owns several pistols. He once swallowed some anti-anxiety medication — allowing cops to grab his guns pursuant to the SAFE Act’s cruel discrimination against people with “mental-health issues.”

Turns out cops had the wrong “David Lewis.” Alas, the right one won’t fare as well when Barney Fife finds him because at least the wrong one got his guns back — after lots of humiliation and trauma. Wanna bet poor David’s chugging more medication?

‘I was extremely shocked and saddened and immediately just felt embarrassed knowing that someone had thought negatively of me and wrongly. I had absolutely no idea how this could have happened,’ said Lewis…” He also “hoped his health record would be confidential. ‘It’s not right. i always thought people could expect more privacy than that,’ said Lewis.”

His lawyer added, “They took his property without compensation, without probable cause, there was no due process. They violated every federal law that you could possibly imagine.” Ah, but that’s what the SAFE Act is for.

7:03 pm on April 13, 2013