NYC Almost-Bomb

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Funny how all the news coverage focuses on the cop, always named, who was the “first responder,” but never names and seldom even mentions the small businessman who called the smoking car to the cop’s attention. The stato-media call him a “citizen,” as if the most important ting about him is his relationship to government. Of course, to them it is. The supplying of well-priced t-shirts to tourists in a very competitive and otherwise hugely difficult environment, where authorities and bricks-and-mortar merchants want to shut him down, gets no mention. It will surprise and shock you that the rich NYPD is using this incident to call for more dough from the taxpayers. Thank goodness no one was hurt, but there are, of course, many suspicious things, and those who want to demonize Muslims or anti-government people are active as usual.

12:07 pm on May 3, 2010