NY Times: Unleash the State!

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Not only do the people at the New York Times make bad financial decisions regarding their own business, but the editorial page of the Newspaper of Walter Duranty, Jayson Blair, Judith Miller, and Duff Wilson also wants the rest of us to be victimized by government financial decisions. Indeed, there is little difference between the “news analysis” of Obama’s speech to Congress and the editorial that called for expansion of government for everything.

Channeling Rahm Emmanuel, the Times is demanding that this crisis be the lynchpin that transforms us into full-blown socialism:

The economic crisis requires immediate, bold and comprehensive action. And on Tuesday night, Mr. Obama displayed the ambition and the sweeping vision that won him the White House — and that this crisis demands.

Mr. Obama said that reviving the economy and rescuing the nation’s banking system not only can be, but must be, accomplished at the same time as reforming health care, investing in education and finding new sources of alternative energy.

The “investing in education” line is an old campaign slogan from Bill Clinton, who used to rasp, “We’re going to invest in education and the environment.” Glad to see the Times going whole hog, and being nothing more than a recycler of Democratic campaign slogans.

When I was a journalism student at the University of Tennessee more than 30 years ago, we constantly were told that journalists were the “watchdogs” of government. Right. Let us try “lapdogs,” which fits the Times and its ilk much better.

6:56 am on February 25, 2009