Nut-Free School Zone

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Yes, there are lunchbox searches and nut seizures.

A Michigan Court of Appeals panel upheld a decision Tuesday dismissing a lawsuit over a Romeo-area elementary school’s policy creating a nut-free school.

…The ban prohibited all peanuts and tree nuts from the building, and school officials periodically searched lunch boxes and backpacks, according to the opinion. The allergic student had experienced reactions after school officials had implemented partial bans, leading the student’s doctor to recommend the entire school be made nut-free.

…The district had argued that federal civil rights law required it to implement the ban to ensure the allergic student was able to attend school and receive an education. Liebau’s suit, filed without an attorney, alleged the ban violated her daughter’s civil rights and due process guarantee as well as a state statute guaranteeing parents the right to be involved in education.

So how will this young man be guaranteed a nut-free existence wherever he goes? Will every nut in his path for the next 60+ years be a violation of his civil rights?

5:18 am on August 1, 2013