NSA Ticks Off the World

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While pusillanimous Americans shrug at their government’s criminality, the rest of the planet is less nonchalant about DC’s omnivorous espionage. The European Union’s politicians claim they’re outraged that “Washington is spying on the group” – probably because they’re jealous at being mere pikers compared to the NSA.

They’re also laughably naive: “EU High Representative Catherine Ashton said on Sunday … ‘As soon as we saw these reports, the European External Action Service made contact with the U.S. authorities in both Washington D.C. and Brussels to seek urgent clarification of the veracity of and facts surrounding these allegations …”

Clarification? What, Kate, you don’t understand all, everything, and everywhere, as in “All emails, phone calls, coded or not, ‘secure’ or otherwise – the NSA vacuums up everything from everywhere, domestic and foreign”?

Confused Kate continued. “The U.S. authorities have told us they are checking on the accuracy of the information released yesterday and will come back to us as soon as possible.” Hmmm. Do serial liars even understand the concept of accuracy, let alone checking it PDQ? Something tells me Kate will wait a very long time for her call-back.

“France also asked for an explanation.” An explanation! Oh, how quaint! ‘These acts, if confirmed, would be completely unacceptable,’ Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said.” “Unacceptable.” Yeah, that’s one wussy word for it, I reckon.

Germany’s a tad teed off, too. “’If the media reports are correct, this brings to memory actions among enemies during the Cold War. It goes beyond any imagination that our friends in the United States view the Europeans as enemies,’ said German Justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger. “ Um, Sabine? They view US as enemies – and we’re the ones paying their bills instead of sucking up the foreign aid. “‘If it is true that EU representations in Brussels and Washington were indeed tapped by the American secret service, it can hardly be explained with the argument of fighting terrorism’…” Uh-oh: another skeptic is born!

“Martin Schulz, president of the EU Parliament and also a German, said if the report was correct, it would have a ‘severe impact’ on relations between the EU and the United States. He told French radio the United States had crossed a line. ‘I was always sure that dictatorships, some authoritarian systems, tried to listen … but that measures like that are now practiced by an ally, by a friend, that is shocking…’”

“…dictatorships, … authoritarian systems…” Yep, Bushbama has dragged us so low that the rest of the world deems Amerika an authoritarian dictatorship, even if DC’s transfer of our money to their pockets continues buying polite hedging and euphemisms — for now.

At what point will these governments band together against Our sociopathic Rulers, as the Allies did against Hitler?

7:10 pm on June 30, 2013