NR Revises History, Again

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Eight years too late, and with no apologies, National Review has apparently finally given up on “the democracy project.”

“It’s now a long, confused history,” moans NR, but “the price of defending our nation cannot be spending years — at a cost of precious lives and hundreds of billions of dollars — in a vain attempt to give people who despise us a way of life they don’t want.”

Of course, the history is not confused at all – only National Review is. After 9-11, NR’s megalomania mafia repeatedly slandered critics of the neocon’s Trostkyite vision of a new democratic world (run by them, of course). Even Ted Kennedy didn’t get to be called “unpatriotic” in NR, but Robert Novak, Pat Buchanan, and Lew Rockwell did.

Novak, Buchanan, and Lew consistently advocated the Constitution and America’s true national interest, while National Review went off the wall in its worship of the war and its heroes — which NR now admits were zeroes.

One thing about the neocons: they never, ever apologize, and they never blame themselves. But NR has just admitted that they were wrong, and that the LRC team that told the truth since day one were right all along.

Don’t expect them to thank us for showing them the way.

UPDATE: Joe writes, “At the end of the article, NR concludes that they failed because they weren’t brutal enough.  The writer wants to trash nation-building and just kill as many Islamists as possible. Of course, they’ve been doing that all along.”

12:15 pm on September 6, 2009