NR In A Dream World, GOP In The Tank

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Robert Musil beautifully described the “second reality” created by the ideologue who flees the real one. In that spirit, NR dutifully embraces the Memory Hole:

“How the GOP responds to the Obama agenda will largely dictate its ability to recover in 2010 and onward.”

The truth is this: the GOP will not recover until it truthfully responds not to Obama’s agenda, but to Bush’s record.

But truth-tellers might not be welcome there. For instance, according to a Gallup poll taken after the disastrous (for the GOP) 2006 elections, 40% of Republicans said they had “lost confidence” in Bush because of his push for amnesty. And Bush has admitted that the Iraq War damaged the GOP (but not his legacy).

Yet those hopeful of a GOP recovery must confront this anomaly: even though Bush’s approval rating earlier this month stood at a historic low of 22%, 57% of those (apparently few) still willing to call themselves Republicans still approve of him.

Will those bitter-enders punish Republican truth-tellers for admitting that Bush was a disaster? One must bear in mind that they’re the most likely primary voters. So those honestly trying to resuscitate the GOP’s cadaver will have to wade through a barrage of “The Cheney” from the diehards.

Thus the prospects for an honest GOP recovery do not look good. On the other hand, the prospects for an Obama disaster look to be quite promising.

9:10 am on January 19, 2009