Now, Tragically, Serfs Are Missing the Game, Not Just Their Flights

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Now the police-state is really ticking off the serfs. Yes, they shrugged when the TSA forced them to shed their shoes, yawned when it ogled them with X-ray vision, and watched passively — or occasionally filmed the pedophilia — when it sexually assaulted their children. Likewise, they took it in stride when they missed a flight because of the security-theater.

But now that such delays have spread to the circuses, they’re outraged: “Handheld security wands used to detect metal were used to scan Sounders fans prior to the start of Wednesday night’s game against D.C. United, which caused many fans to miss the start of the game.”

And infuriated them. But only logistically: seems it’s OK to search folks as if they’re criminals in direct violation of the Constitution and all decency so long as they can catch the entire game. (Thanks to Charles Everett for sending the story.)

6:54 am on July 8, 2013