“Now That We’ve Got a Communist in the White House . . .”

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Said a very talented musician and hilarious comic named George Orr who is a Rod Stewart imitator (His voice is orders of magnitude better than the real Rod, and he looks just like him).

George/Rod said this during one of his shows this week.  He also opined about how disappointed he was that “we” didn’t get 72 virgins “when we elected the Muslim” in 2008.  And he said he was hopeful that “if we elected the Mormom” then “we” would all get 12 wives.

How refreshing to hear an entertainer ridicule and mock our rulers.  The crowd at Johnnie Brown’s loved it.

UPDATE:  Fred P. writes: “Obama doesn’t need 72 virgins. He’s got McConnell, Boehner, and all those Republican whores to screw anytime he wants.  You know, the people who keep voting for legislation they’re against.”

9:32 pm on January 3, 2013