Now It’s Personal

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I smoke flavored cigarettes. It appears their days are numbered, thanks to the new tobacco legislation headed to hypocritical Puffer in Chief Barack Obama.

The logic behind the ban is that children are attracted to these fancy, sugary coffin nails. Balderdash. Teens smoke what they can get their hands on, which is usually Marlboros or Basics or Virginia Slims or whatever. They don’t pay $10 a pack for flavored cigarettes to look cool. They smoke the harsh stuff to look older.

I smoke the flavored ones because after years of smoking the more masculine, red-white-and-blue and Democrat-approved brands, I find vanilla cigarettes enjoyable. I would bet mostly seasoned smokers smoke these.

Philip Morris supports this new anti-tobacco regime, which shouldn’t surprise anybody. Their inferior brands will still be legal, including, probably, the menthols, which are flavored but have too much support from industry and too many consumers to ban all at once. (Menthols, I will admit, were my gateway smoke.)

But here’s another angle on flavored tobacco, pointed out to me by Eric Garris: Arabs like their tobacco flavored, and it has become a big fad as returning soldiers from Iraq seek a sweet smoke and find it in hookah lounges, often run by Arab-Americans, in San Francisco and elsewhere. The Wilsonians railed against beer because it was pro-German. Perhaps they are targeting flavored tobacco because it’s pro-Islamist?

Way back in my day, I could drive around on California roads, talking on a cellphone and smoking a vanilla cig. It’s just not the free country it was back in 2007.

4:48 pm on June 15, 2009