Now He Tells Us

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It appears that the neocons have chosen Independence Day weekend to pad their resumes with falsified history once more.

Today Fuggie Deith weighs in one more time to exonerate himself from his perfidious performance in bringing on Bush’s war in Iraq.

As usual with Feith, it is a mix of lies and overdue confessions.

Lies: “As a participant in the confidential, top-level administration meetings about Iraq, it was clear to me at the time that, had there been a realistic alternative to war to counter the threat from Saddam, Mr. Bush would have chosen it.”

Sorry, Fuggie, your own words betray you: “Among the disclosures made by Feith in ‘War and Decision,’ scheduled for release next month by HarperCollins, is Bush’s declaration, at a Dec. 18, 2002, National Security Council meeting, that ‘war is inevitable.’ The statement came weeks before U.N. weapons inspectors reported their initial findings on Iraq and months before Bush delivered an ultimatum to Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. Feith, who says he took notes at the meeting, registered it as a ‘momentous comment.'”

True Confessions:”Thoughtful, patriotic Americans differed then and now on whether the risk of leaving Saddam in power outweighed the risk of war.”

Ah yes, after being branded as unpatriotic anti-Semites for five years, we are now “thoughtful, patriotic Americans.” Just in time for July Fourth — where’s my firecracker?

And oh, yes — just as he had done before, Fuggie blames Bush.

The neocons will always, ALWAYS blame someone else.

8:00 am on July 3, 2008