Note to turncoat former Ron Paul delegates

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Election Night, 2008: To you Ron Paul national delegates who switched your votes to McCain at the national convention:

Are you glad now that you voted for the loser McCain? How’s that working out for you?

To all of you Ron Paul delegates at all levels who endured incredible abuse at the hands of the GOP:

The Party is a joke. You were right. They were wrong:


Writes ST –

And with 50% reporting in Montana it looks like Paul cost McCain the state. [as of 11 pm MST]

Ha ha…Ron Paul’s not so funny now.

Presidential (last updated: 11-05-08 12:36 AM EST) Precincts Reporting 50%
McCain (R) 109,723 48%
Obama (D) 112,800 49%
Paul (C) 4,785 2%

11:06 pm on November 4, 2008