Note to Self: Be Suspicious of Campus Incidents

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Thanks for the info, Bill. I should know better by now than to pass on a campus incident without digging a bit. And, by the way, what is up with these fake campus incidents? Is it that kids get in trouble and they instinctively know that making up a story that will fit into PC pre-conceptions is more likely to be bought? I’m really curious what the pattern is.

Despite the Guilford thing being fake, I suspect that David DeBartolo’s report of Arab hospitality and manners despite the bad behavior of the US gov’t is entirely accurate. Again and again we hear reports that Arabs like Americans as individuals while being critical of the actions of the US gov’t. I think it is exciting that there is a good chance for reasonably peaceful relations between Americans and the people of the Middle East if all the various governments involved would quit creating conflict.

9:12 am on February 4, 2007