Note to Ron Paul Republicans: You have free will

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I received this email as part of an email list I’m a member of:

Says one volunteer – “I will work and vote for… any Ron Paul endorsed candidate. What I object to is being forced to deliver McCain/Palin material to the gullible masses.”

Many of the local Paul supporters who became delegates were also sucked into becoming precinct captains and doing other jobs for the GOP. Given the treatment afforded to Paul this year, It leaves me mystified as to why any of these volunteers continue to do anything for the party at all.

Let me pose this question: If you’re distributing literature for a Ron Paul candidate and simultaneously distributing literature for McCain, isn’t that a wee bit counter-productive?

You’re free to distribute literature for the candidates of your choice. No one’s forcing you to distribute McCain propaganda also. You’re free to refuse to do so. Of course, you’d have to give up your leadership position in the party. But why would you want to be a “leader” in a party that hates Ron Paul with every fiber of its being. I’m just curious.

12:25 am on September 14, 2008