Note on Boston

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Writes C. Jay Engel:

I was watching an “FBI” press conference via Bloomberg on the Boston Bombings.  Two things struck my attention.  First, one of the goon policeman made it plain to the audience there was going to be an increased presence of national guard, state and local police, and canines.  This, so he said, was not to create inconvenience, but rather to provide “comfort” (!) for the city of Boston.

The second thing that stood out was their claim (yes, this was actually said), that thanks to the policemen, officers, and state enforcement, many more deaths were prevented!

The victims and individuals in Boston were sadly afflicted yesterday.  The State will now work hard to ensure that those not directly distressed by the events will experience the full impact of the police-State.  Equal opportunity is alive and well in the United States.

If we were a free nation, after a tragedy, we’d be left alone to recover.

10:30 am on April 16, 2013