Not Voting Winning

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Writes Mike Schwing:

I’ve been highly vocal about my non-voting behavior over the last couple of elections, and have posted boldly about it on Facebook and within my family. I’ve had some interesting responses that go in a few different directions. One — they’re shocked and cannot believe I don’t vote and try to convince me otherwise. Two — they say they understand but they’re voting for the lesser of two evils. Three — they agree and they don’t vote either. I’m surprised how many people are admitting to not voting, as I’m in a upper middle class demographic and we’ve all been brainwashed and accustomed to voting. I do believe that as a result of people discovering that I no longer vote, they have begun to question why they do, too. I have had great fun using the argument that only non-voters have a right to complain. Seems that’s a direction of thinking that people just are too conditioned to go on their own, but a push by me gets them at least thinking on the subject. My father, however, gets particularly upset that I don’t vote, and will not even allow me to discuss why.

As interesting as that all is, here’s the best part — after voting the other day my Mom told me she would probably never vote again, as the voting process took her two hours, and not a single thing she voted for took the day. Not one single item in her conservative slate won. I live in Maryland, so that’s not a huge surprise, but the surprise is that when I told my Mom that she could still get nothing she wanted by not voting and not waste her time, she agreed! Mom also told me that several of her peers agreed with her, that it was a total waste of their time and they’d probably not do it again. I reminded her what Ron Smith used to say all the time “if voting mattered they wouldn’t let you.”

This gives me hope, and I thought it may you, too.

10:36 am on November 8, 2012