Not to Worry!

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A post by Jason Ditz on informs us that “US Poised to Strike Iraq, But CIA Has No Idea Who They’re Aiming At.” This presents no problem to the war-mongering savages who learned, during World War II, the dark-side joys of slaughtering men, women, and children in bombing cities that had no military significance whatsoever. Dresden, Hamburg, Cologne, and Wurzburg are the more familiar names we associate with the fire-bombing and phosphorous-bombings that had one purpose in mind: to terrorize civilian populations. The British Air Secretary, Sir Archibald Sinclair, was “in full agreement” with such practices, adding “I believe in ‘slaying in the name of the Lord.'” The psychopathic head of the RAF, Sir Arthur “Bomber” Harris – who orchestrated the fire-bombing attack on Dresden – declared, years later, that if he had to make the decision all over again, he would have still ordered the attack. Nor can we overlook the incineration of Japanese civilians – as well as some American POWs – by Harry Truman’s criminal acts of nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Had World War II ended differently, each of the above-named political and military officials – along with numerous others, such as Winston Churchill – would have spent their last moments swinging from the gallows in the ancient spirit of “victor’s justice.” Current American officials – operating from the premise that no war crimes trials will await them – can perhaps find solace in their World War II predecessors. They need only renew the “shock and awe” bombings that were designed to terrorize the same Iraqi people who were to be “liberated” from the Hussein tyranny; bomb and kill whomever it serves their purposes to kill, under any pretext to be fabricated after the fact. Those who will defend “slaying in the name of the Lord” will be invited to give sermons at far too many churches across America. The mainstream media will provide them with all the cover they require from panels of retired generals and admirals, while one of the more articulate defenders of the Hobbesian “war of all against all” might even get teamed up with John McCain as the 2016 Republican presidential candidates!

12:11 pm on June 19, 2014