Not Just People Being Delayed

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When I lost employer-paid health insurance some years ago (and was forced to buy nonsensical and nearly useless “health insurance” in seminary, a requirement codified in law apparently for all graduate students and viewed as an entitlement by most ELCA seminarians, who like their socialism), my wife Jennifer and I began to plan for how we would provide for her asthma and other meds.

Now, I have a simple philosophy toward health insurance: it is for disasters, like when Jennifer got hit by a bus a few years ago or when I got hit by a taxicab last summer. It is not for regular or recurring things. Jennifer needs thyroid meds and asthma inhalers (serevent), and when I was in Saudi Arabia I regularly sent Jennifer her meds. And then I brought home a six-month supply. So, I’m not all that worried about the quality of meds made overseas.

So I checked on line and figured out a couple of overseas pharmacy options, options that allow us to continue getting her the meds she needs. Two have been very reliable, one was not and so we no longer use them. We pay all costs out of pocket, and they aren’t that much more than co-pays, even with international shipping. I’m happy with the arrangement.

This morning I get a note from one of the pharmacies we’ve relied on — an apology if we have not received the shipment because the US Postal Service and US Customs has held everything up in the country we are ordering from. Because of security concerns. The pharmacy is looking to see where our shipment is. I will check our post office box in Chicago tomorrow to see if it has come (the note says it may have). But this is annoying. And an example of how “enhanced security” is not only keeping medicine from someone who needs it but is also potentially seriously hurting someone’s business.

I suppose someone will say: the new health care “reform” will solve your problem. Yeah, sure it will.

12:20 pm on December 2, 2010