Not Everyone Welcomes Nonintervention

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As Lew mentioned, I had a chance to speak to a GOP audience over the weekend. I spoke three times: on the economy (and not on “lower taxes and less regulation,” but on the Fed and the bailouts), nullification, and foreign policy. On foreign policy, I made a 30-minute case for nonintervention using only conservative arguments and principles. I’ll link to it when it goes online.

The Iowa Republican liked two of my three talks. But although my foreign-policy talk was interesting and worth considering, the author said, it was all wrong. All right, that’s about what I expected. But in the comments section, I was called one of those names that is meant to destroy people’s names and reputations. I’ll give you a hint: it’s the right-wing’s answer to “racist,” the left’s discussion-stopping word. And I’m a weird combination of “conservative” and “liberal,” they say.

The comments are beginning to swing my way at this point, but yikes.

I will be saying some of the same unsayable things this Saturday at the Young Americans for Liberty State Convention (which is open to old Americans for liberty as well) in Manhattan, Kansas. I’m still anxious to meet like-minded Kansans, so it would be nice to see you there.

3:32 pm on April 17, 2013