Not a Libertarian

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Writes Andrew Mancini:

Although I do not consider myself a libertarian, I visit your site each day.  While some of your writers infuriate me, I also find myself in agreement with many of the others.  In either event, they never fail to provoke thought.  However, what I truly admire about you and your site is its consistency; I cannot recall an instance where I found a position established to suit the politics.  I suppose I consider myself a progressive.  I was consistently outraged by the Patriot Act machinations performed by George Bush, Alberto Gonzalez, John Yoo and their compatriots.  I am no less outraged (in fact, I am more outraged) with the identical, unconstitutional contortions of the current administration in its defense of the same NSA programs and policies.  To your everlasting credit, your position has remained the same.  In a day and age of convenient, readily disposable positions, that is truly a breath of fresh air.

And I now presume that after this brief missive my name will now be permanently inscribed in the files of the NSA!

12:29 pm on June 26, 2013